About Miranda

Before she became a life coach, Miranda lived through the suffering of 10 ‘unsuccessful’ IVF treatments, which led to a heartbreaking and unexpected divorce. These challenges took her on a very different journey than the one she had originally mapped out for her life - a journey towards enlightenment and fulfilment.

Out of her own personal experience and an awareness of the lack of support in the fertility space, Miranda's passion evolved for helping others in the same situation.

She armed herself with a Cert IV in Life Coaching and developed her own programs specifically to help other women not just survive but thrive through the challenges of their fertility journeys.

Miranda now provides bespoke coaching support to women around Australia and New Zealand. She lives in Sydney with her new husband, long-time pooch companion and their recently adopted rescue dog. She is an advocate for helping corporate women to transition into motherhood with ease. All the while, she is a ‘mother’ to hundreds of Thai children through Australian charity, Hands Across the Water and even expecting her own little miracle baby in spring.


What I have learnt

Through my own fertility struggles, I have learnt that the key to my personal success was to step outside of myself and seek higher purpose. Even though it's hard to discover your purpose when you're stressed or down, I believe that all women have the intrinsic capacity to overcome fertility anxiety and truly embrace the realities of life. - Miranda Murray 

hands across the water


Hands Across the Water is a charity in Thailand that provides food, shelter, education and opportunities for hundreds of Thai children. This charity is a special cornerstone in Miranda’s life as the Hands Across the Water initiative has helped her thrive through her own fertility journey. At a time when she was seeking some much-needed perspective, a way to give back and pay it forward, the Australian charity appeared on her radar and had her committed hook, line and sinker from the start.  Through her close work with Hands Across the Water, Miranda has made a significant philanthropic difference, was introduced to her future husband and was enabled to become a mother figure to the children when she had spent so many years struggling to conceive her own.

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Miranda & Dan halfway through the 1600km Charity Bike Ride in Thailand, January 2015. Exactly one year before this, Miranda and Dan met one another on a similar bike ride in Thailand. Charity work for the kids is one of their non-negotiables in life and love. 

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At Baan Home Hug in North-East Thailand. Over 60 kids (many HIV positive) greet Miranda to bestow a local string-tying tradition. In the Isaan region, locals tie pieces of white string around the wrist to enhance the visitor's luck.

Over the last three years, Miranda and her husband have raised more than $150,000 for Hands Across the Water with further big fundraising plans for 2017. If you are interested in learning more, click here.