What some of my beautiful clients have to say...


Miranda – Thank you again for your help. You were able to create clarity and focus in what was a jumbled mess of thoughts and ideas of all the things I thought I needed to change. You helped me see that the answer was so much simpler – instead of trying to change everything, to work out which part of my life it is that a change would make the most positive improvement, take the first step,  and then reassess. 

I am now looking forward to starting a new job in a few weeks and I couldn’t be happier.

Life is about choices, but it is also about timing your choices to maximise your happiness.  I want to thank you for helping me take an opportunity that in all my confusion, I would have otherwise missed.

You are a special person with amazing insight, and I know first hand you are brilliant at what you do.


I was excited to sign up with Miranda Jones for my coaching sessions. I was interested to see if coaching could help me ‘manage’ my busy life and provide me with tools required to balance myself – both professionally and personally.

Miranda did exactly that! Through working with her, I learnt techniques to manage not only my daily challenges but also to deal with older personal challenges I’m faced with.  Miranda’s balance of listening, guiding & coaching provided an environment whereby I felt safe, respected – yet motivated.  

Miranda has provided me with insights into my own self, with the tools to work with them (not against), which I will use continually.

The experience exceeded my expectations, I would have no hesitation in recommending Miranda to anyone looking to find ‘balance’ in either their working or personal life – or both!


Generally in the past I had not really given much thought to coaching even though a few key people in my life had suggested it. At the stage I was at in life, I actually didn’t have to think too hard about trying it. I was in a rut and was continually setting goals and generally failing at them due to many aspects of my life so when the opportunity arose to work with Miranda it seemed like the right time to try something new.

Working with Miranda to uncover the problems that have been holding me back was the key to helping me kick start things again. I had struggled to be realistic about what I wanted to achieve with the changes in my life and career but talking through it and setting short term actions helped to motivate me to make the small steps towards them instead of just thinking it is ‘too hard’.

Miranda’s approach was extremely personable and consultative. I had always imagined coaching of this kind to be potentially like counselling but once the conversation started it became more about the solution than the problem which made it a much more positive experience.

I would absolutely recommend coaching and Miranda as a coach to others and when that comes from someone who was fairly sceptical for so long, I think that is a testament to the experience as a whole.

It was great to tell close friends about the positive outcomes I have had and it was easy for me to discuss with others the path I was embarking on.  Miranda made this extremely easy for me to be comfortable in an easy going environment with great empathy to my situation and the outcomes I wanted to achieve.